EduTechnovation Day 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello 🙂

Ehem..well..em..well…this..last entry..i guess…

Haha what’s with the sadness and stuff. Wait, I have a story to share in this final entry. It’s regarding the Eductechnovation event back then on December 20. Erica and Crystal were not there as they went back home for Christmas Eve. And…there were me, Ammar and Nik, for the final presentation cum evaluation. Phew. The feeling was overwhelmed, i must say.

It was quite messy at first due to the last minute preparation of the event. Being one of the committee and knowing that everything was not in their places, it was indeed worrying me. Things getting even worse when Dr. Rosseni reminded us to bring along the storyboard prepared early in the semester on the event day. Know what, my team and i, we have no idea at all where the piece of mahjong paper is. Not even a single idea. With the 3 brains left, we decided to just re-do the storyboard, just after everything for the event is nicely prepared.

So we started re-doing storyboard i think about..2 in the morning. With all the idea and the drawings and the talk *of course*, we finished our work by 4 something and I have to walk back to my college, preparing the chocolate cake for VIPs, printing out program books, the salutation papers and aaaa…exhausted. I was there at the faculty, dealing with these matters since the afternoon and i haven’t had my rest and just in a few hours, i would be doing the pitching for my group final project presentation. Heh. -.-

I slept on the prayer mat, right after my Subuh prayer and i really need my sleepppp T.T

We were expected to be at Dewan Budiman by 7 in the morning. Ceitt –‘

And yaaa…alhamdulillah everything went well. I even had the nasi lemak bought by Dr. though I don’t really that into nasi lemak *thanks Dr. xoxo hehe =3

All praise to Allah SWT that the pitching session went quite well..heh, I would not say it was perfect but yeah..i think i did not disappoint both my mates and myself. And yes, all others’ video and pitching were superbly amazing. Good job everyone! 😀

To be honest, we did not expect for any top three places but as the all other 4 groups received their consolation prizes, we were left in among top 4. Well…to be among Chapeak, Meon and Faiz’s groups.. there’s no way my group will be among top 3. They are great in acting, in editing as well as in their pitching. Haaa.. we were prepared for the 4th place consolation prize…

But heyyy!

3rd place laaa! We’re the 3rd place winner of the event. Lels. Still couldn’t believe it. Hoho.






Thanks to all the judges for this acknowledgement, help, comments and critics. Thanks to Ammar and Nik for the day. Thanks to Erica and Crystal for the support given through Whatsapp and Messanger. And also thanks to the Hit-or-Miss Production team. Heheh. ❤

So here are some of the pictures during the event.




6  7  8  ain3 
group win2  hee1  hee3  hee2

I also love some other pictures of us together as classmates. :’)

10863566_857247534298211_591350528_n  group

That’s all from us, i guess..hehe. Alhamdulillah we have finally, officially finished the subject. Now let’s pray for the best for the final examination. 🙂






Assalamualaikum and hello 🙂

Well. Ze finale weeky is finally hereeee. =3

*okay im exaggerating -.-

It is actually no such thing as Week 15 but since I have somehow included the midsem break in my counting, so yeahh, Week 15 it is. Hee.

So I went to this one seminar recommended by Dr Rosseni this afternoon,

10857909_10152134761889567_8135980308745618394_nTo be honest, my expectation was quiet high in attending this seminar. Well, I’m not saying that it was bad, nope. It’s just..I thought that we were going to be exposed with some techniques or tricks in photography and stuff. Yet, things went differently.  But it’s okay. 🙂


Assalamualaikum and hello 🙂

So after learning the lesson of previous week, this time we focused more on the posters. I did not involve much in preparing the posters but i contributed some precious ideas and critics as well. =3

1779798_694087154032713_7494658068439247296_n 10171796_694087120699383_7664694654886768480_nOh ya, we also did some changes in our video. Let’s check out the latest version of Words Matter.


Dr. Rosseni said that she miss the Lemon Tree.

Me too, Dr. (though I enjoy this kind of music as well. heee)

But, as we redo the editing part, we changed that part and somehow we do not saved the prior changes and so….. 😥


Assalamualaikum and hello 🙂

I woke up today and not browsing through my tablet. Well, it’s kinda weird. Heh.

And so I get myself prepared to class, filling up things in my bag, ready enough to have the presentation, I must say. Just before I step out of my room, I turned on my mobile data, just to check on the morning whatsapp messages.

‘No class for today.’

I looked at myself. And I shut the door. Sit at my table. Open up my laptop, and trying to figure out what has actually happened. Haih –‘

Moral of the story.

1. Do not procrastinate.

2. One cannot rely on the internet line, especially when you are about to submit your assignment.

3. People might not getting your message. Or at least, misinterpret it.


Assalamualaikum and hello 🙂

So…the trailer had been shown and yes, we received some comments on improvising things. Right after class, we sat together and have some talk. We discussed on individual role for the project improvisation.

As some of us are very busy with activities and MEP (me included) so we decided on one day to take some new shots and to do the opening and closure shots for the video.

Unfortunately, on the day that supposedly to be our day, it was raining heavily. Due to that, we had to cancel our plan which was to go to the PTSL. Instead, we did the shots in PPBL and some of our friends were very kind to help us out. *thank you guys! 😀

Alhamdulillah, we managed to get the shots we wanted. Me myself also did some individual shot and contributed for the opening shot.

I enjoyed myself better this time. Hee.


Assalamualaikum and hello 🙂


Supposedly, we have to present our integrated pictures or shot as Dr. Rosseni wanted to see the progress. Well, cut long things short, none of us really prepared for the completed ones.

As for my team, we have presented the 2 minutes so-called-trailer of our documentary project. Well, let me just be honest here. We have prepared the project for quiet some time but we got no time in editing the trailer. And so we presented whatever we managed to prepare for the class.

Personally, I was so amused with my classmates. They were like super cool. The editing part, the shots taken, and the way they presenting, wow. Just wow. I guess I don’t really have that ‘chemistry’ with this technology thingy. 😥

Haih. But it is okay. Things are going to be fine as long as we keep striving, aite? I got such committed teammates and I shall not feeling this way. Fuh fuh fuh. Go go away you bad spirit. -.-


Assalamualaikum and hello 🙂

Today was just our lucky day, you know? Lucky enough to step in class and getting free foods! Thank you Dr. Rosseni for feeding us. Hehe. Muah muah :*

Next, we were given a paper and permanent markers to sketch our storyboard so it would be easier for us to explain them in the presentation later. There, creativity just overwhelmed all over the class. Well, it was good to feel like a kid again. 🙂

Personally, I like this kind of activity. ^^


Assalamualaikum and hello 🙂

We had our class started with a warning regarding our attendance. Seemed that some of us (well, me included) have some issues with coming to the class. We also learned that it could put us in a very dangerous situation like being banned from taking the final examination.

Next, we chose some of the pictures taken during the trip as we were asked to post our favorite shot in the Facebook group. By referring to the selected pictures, we were evaluated on the techniques used in taking the pictures. After that, we were asked to fill a form prepared in the Facebook group regarding our personal email, personal and also group WordPress page.

After that, we were having some cool times listening to every group’s presentation on their final project idea. Personally, the session helped us much in enhancing our plan for the final project since we are the only team doing project on documentary genre.


Assalamualaikum and hello 🙂

Mid-sem break is finally here peopleeeeee :3

Well, nothing much to be reported since it is a mid semester break. Since I am not going back home due to the tonnes of work, I guess I would just be spending all days in college and library.

And..that’s all for the holiday updates, I guess?


Be safe people! ^^